Delicious Butchered Pork now available from our rare breed, free range, Kings Walden reared herd  - 
vacuum packed & frozen at the following prices per kilo:
Price per Kilo Average Weight(Price)
Fennel and Garlic Jumbo Sausages - 6 pack 7.50 800g(6.00)
            (herby thyme and sage)
Lincolnshire Jumbo Sausages - 6 Pack 7.50 800g(6.00)
Spicy Chipolatas 7.50 500g(3.75)
Basic Bangers - 6 pack 7.25 600g(4.35)
A 6 pack of 5oz Lean 7.50 950g (7.12)
from the leg
Loin Chop (pack of 2) 10.83 600g(6.50)
BBQ Belly Slices (pack of 2) 9.80 500g(4.90)
Rolled Belly Roast(Approx 500g) 7.85 700g(5.50)
Loin Roast on the bone 9.30 1.4Kg(13.02)
Rolled Loin Roast 9.50 1Kg(9.50)
Spare Rib Rack BBQ Bones 5.45 550g(2.99)
Osso Bucco 6.20 700g(4.34)
Mini Leg Steaks 7.80 600g(4.68)
Stir Fry Strips 7.80 500g(3.90)
Save money, order a whole or half pig and save money!!!
Salami coming SOON!!!